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Part# : 001-SHIPPING

Freight Charge Land and Air
$1.00 each



Freight Charge is calculated at time of shipment

Freight Charge for Credit Card Orders where the Card is not on file with us are calculated at time of shipment. When this applies you will receive a shipping quote from us. When you recieve the quote please enter the amount in dollar increments and submit as a separate order. At checkout, please enter your original order number in the comments field.

To avoid this second order step you can place your order as a quote and we will contact you with a freight quote that you can add and then submit as an order.


This is required because of the many different types of shipping methods and situations that we offer and encounter.


If you would like to avoid this altogether just call 800-243-9776 or fax (860-653-4087) us with your card information and we will put it on file.

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