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Metallurgical Digital Microscope Camera System
Sales price : $1,498.00

MARK V MICROSCOPE DIGITAL CAMERA"S & IMAGING SYSTEMS The MVOPTIC 2500 features 5.0 Megapixel resolution at a reasonable price. The 2500 is a high-resolution microscope camera using a high-speed USB2.0 connection.Preview live images up to 1650x1240, capture and save images in a variety of formats.The small and lightweight design makes even this powerful camera very easy to use and mount on virtually any microscope in the world. This CMOS camera with C-ring Mount comes with a Microscope Adapter or Reducing Lens System and uses USB 2.0 connecting cable for high speed PC connection. The standard 2.0 Capture and Measuring Software allows for multiple calibrations for Microscopes and measures lines, angles, radius's, areas, etc. that appear in image data box?s on the screen. Report Generation is also included.The 2500 comes complete with Calibration Slide for accurate calibrations and measurements. Complete Packages are available with Microscope, Camera & Dell PC, Fully Loaded, Calibrated with ASTM Certification.

Direct Replacement Supplies for Buehler Leco and Struers

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